Pangburn Philosophy

Conjure the Night

Sun Apr 02 2017 7pm
Chan Shun Concert Hall

Presented by Pangburn Philosophy

Conjure the Night will start with a live conversation with the amazing James Randi. Matt Dillahunty will converse with Randi about his career in magic skepticism. Then, prepare to be amazed by this stellar lineup of magicians! 

The Magicians:

James Randi established his career as a stage magician and escape artist. Inspired by the legendary Harry Houdini, he performed stunts like being sealed in an underwater coffin in 1956 and freeing himself from a straitjacket suspended over Niagara Falls in 1976. As his fame grew, he was nicknamed “The Amazing Randi” and he began to appear regularly on television and radio, from children’s programs to The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Shawn Farquhar is a two time world magic champion. Shawn has been entertaining audiences around the globe for over two decades. His magic has been seen on Television shows like the X-Files and Highlander, in Motion Pictures like Spooky House and the Fly II, for corporate clients like IBM and Konica, and on the most luxurious cruise vessels such as Norwegian Star and Radiance of the Seas.

Murray Hatfield, over the last decade, has thrilled audiences around the globe. He brings to the stage  over three decades of training and experience in drama, dance, music and theater – and combine them with breath-taking magic, contemporary music, interactive comedy and some of the newest, most exciting, and most up-to-date illusions in the world today.  Whether a smaller after dinner performance or a full scale stage show, his magic is a compelling, unique and absolutely world class.

Matt Dillahunty is well known for his role in the secular community, specifically for his prominent role on the hit internet show The Atheist Experience. But he also dabbles in magic! Matt has been perfecting his magic craft for over 30 years and rarely performs these talents. This will be a rare opportunity to see Matt perform!

Sun Apr 2 2017 7pm
Chan Shun Concert Hall