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  • Malian songstress puts Africa centre-stage at Chan

Malian songstress puts Africa centre-stage at Chan

Rokia Traoré, November 17, 2013

Metro News

by Graeme McRanor

She’s the daughter of a diplomat from the Bambara ethnic group, travelled widely as a young woman, and has continued the adventure as a singer-songwriter who gives voice to the ups, downs and beauty of Africa.

Malian songstress and multi-instrumentalist Rokia Traoré – whose music fuses blues, rock and pop with traditional African instruments – brings that powerful voice to the Chan Centre this weekend.

“It’s been nearly a decade since we last hosted the breathtaking Rokia Traoré on our stage – far too long for our liking,” says Chan Centre co-managing director Joyce Hinton. “Seeing her live is a truly unforgettable experience. Her beautiful music seems crafted out of pure spirit and her stage presence borders on indescribable; both intimate and energized, she leaves every audience member feeling as though they have made a personal, soulful connection.”

Thu Nov 14, 2013