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Marion Newman’s Playlist

At the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, we love music. We love discovering music. We are constantly working and collaborating with incredible musicians and other artistic minds who are pushing the boundaries of genre and sound. Throughout the performance season, we will be sharing a series of playlists curated by friends and partners of the Chan Centre. Whether it’s a timeless classic or a track from an exciting emerging artist, we hope you enjoy listening in and discovering something—or someone—new to you.

We’re kicking things off with a playlist by mezzo-soprano Marion Newman, the Chan Centre’s guest curator for the 2021/22 season. Marion’s selections highlight a collection of incredible Indigenous artists from across the country.

In curating this playlist, I started to wonder about the future of music….


Pomok naka Poktoinskwes | Jeremy Dutcher

I chose this for the brilliant arrangement and for the amazing operatic high notes by my friend and colleague Teiya Kasahara.


Mehcinut | Jeremy Dutcher

I think this is the first piece I ever heard Jeremy play and sing and it still brings me to tears. Hearing him sing in his language, the powerful middle section where he just rocks out and then his ancestor on the wax recording comes in and just undoes me.


Inni | Jessica McMann

Two more wonderful Indigenous musicians, Beverley McKiver (piano) and Karen Shepherd (violin), join Jessica McMann (composer and flautist) for this mesmerizing and beautiful piece.


Boujee Natives | Snotty Nose Rez Kids

This song puts me in an amazing mood every time I hear it. It is poking fun at exactly what I know I am, and I’m here for being teased like that by such terrific artists. SNRK teaches their audience in every one of their songs and I appreciate the work that they do to remind the world that we are still here and that we will be the ones to define who we are.


Wish We Were Older + Going Home | Angel Baribeau

Angel is a young non-binary singer I have recently came across. I love their voice and the way that music is bringing them strength. Angel is a voice for every playlist and an artist to watch.


Taansi Nimiss + Oh Little Bear | Tomson Highway/Patricia Cano

These songs are from Tomson’s work The (Post) Mistress / A One-woman Musical. Patricia Cano is the singer and she is one of the most dynamic and expressive story tellers I have ever witnessed. I really, really love this play and hope that everyone gets to see it at some point.


Tue Sep 14, 2021