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Q & A with Rebecca Isaac

Meet our staff!

A series of Q&As that take a peek behind the curtain at the working lives (and working-from-home lives) of Chan Centre staff members.

Here, we learn more about Production Clerk Rebecca Isaac.

"I love working backstage at the same building where I used to rehearse while getting my university degree."

Rebecca Isaac

Name: Rebecca Isaac


Chan Centre staff member since: October 2018


What is your official job title?

Production Clerk


What does that mean, in a nutshell?

It means helping with scheduling, making show files, ordering supplies, collecting signatures on invoices, etc.


Why a career in the arts? What is your background?

I have my Bachelor of Music from UBC in general performance. My main instrument is french horn, but I also play piano and sang in choir. I really wanted to find a job that complemented my musical background and this one does just that.


What is the coolest part of your job?

I love working backstage at the same building where I used to rehearse while getting my university degree.


What is your most memorable Chan Centre moment?

Shortly before we began working from home, my manager let me play the Steinway grand piano on the concert hall stage. It was an honour to play an instrument that so many talented artists had played in concerts before. Playing as a soloist in that hall felt really amazing, even if the only audience was my co-worker.


What is your favourite part of the building?

I love the lobby. The huge glass windows bring in tons of natural light and you are able to see the beautiful plants and trees right outside. I also love the large painting, Silent Woods by Canadian painter Gordon Smith, that you see as you enter the main entrance. It complements the lobby and building really well.

Gordon Smith's painting, Silent Woods, hangs in the Chan Centre's glass lobby

Other than the Chan Centre, what is your favourite spot at UBC?

There are many natural trails and forests on campus that are fun to explore. My co-workers and I also love walking down to the many beaches nearby. Taking the stairs back up is not quite as fun though!


Chan Centre staff are working from home these days. What’s helping you cope?

I’ve been getting creative in the kitchen like many people, baking up things like yummy yeast-free homemade chocolate donuts (pictured above).

I have also been video chatting with my wonderful friends. A group of us have started a cribbage league. We all have the same multi-player app on our phones and my friend made a spreadsheet for the tournament. The daily games have definitely been keeping me occupied. I hope I make the playoffs this season!



Wed May 20, 2020