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The Truth About Trombones

How much do you know about the trombone? Test your knowledge with the true or false quiz below, then catch one of the instruments’ masters Trombone Shorty with his band Orleans Avenue live at the Chan on September 25.

Oh, and no Google!

  1. In 1930, John Philip Souza founded the International Trombone Association.
  2. Sigmund Freud once said “I’m not sure why, but trombones make me very uncomfortable”.
  3. Branford Marsalis is known for playing the trombone, whereas his brother Wynton plays the sax.
  4. Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6 features four trombones.
  5. The precursor instrument to what eventually became known as the trombone was the sackbut.
  6. Trombones are often used, with the help of a plunger, to mimic the sound of a human voice.
  7. The first public playing of a trombone was at the wedding of the Duke of Sussex in 1468.
  8. The Trombone Shorty Foundation helps young musicians scross New Orleans gain access to quality trombones and other instruments.
  9. The process used to strengthen a trombone by freezing it repeatedly is called annealing.
  10. Former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien plays the valve trombone.
  11. The word trombone also means paperclip in Italian.
  12. Trombone Shorty began playing his instrument at the age of four.


(Scroll down for the answer key)


  1. FALSE. It was Thomas Everett, in 1972.
  2. TRUE
  3. FALSE. They both play the sax.
  4. FALSE. It features two trombones.
  5. TRUE
  6. TRUE
  7. FALSE. It was the wedding of the Duke of Burgundy.
  8. TRUE
  9. FALSE. Annealing uses heat to strengthen.
  10. TRUE
  11. FALSE. Trombone is French.
  12. TRUE


Thu Aug 18, 2016