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  • UBC Music extends to Telus Theatre

UBC Music extends to Telus Theatre

Sound Extensions, September 15, 2006

The Ubyssey

by Raj Mather

Befitting its venue, “Sound Extensions featured videos, interactive electronics and movement, as well as conventional musical instruments emitting unconventional sounds. The concert consisted of instrumental music mingled with technology for pieces such as the “Strength,” “Rust,” “Chute-Parachute,” “Krishna’s Flute,” and “Beneath the Skin.”

Music capably directed by Professor Dorothy Chang for “Rust” provided a scenario wherein the utilisation of sound, imagery, and slowly unfolding movements made for the construction of a world that seemed to be suspended in time, solitary yet captivatingly beautiful. For “Strength,” Dr. Bob Pritchard innovatively presented music as well as a video production in which comments were outlined by saxophone sounds uniting images of the male body fluidly combined with the sounds of technological paraphernalia.

“Krishna’ s Flute,” meanwhile, was composed as well as performed by music professor Keith Hamel as a solo and interactive computer processing piece – it was well-played. “Chute-Parachute,” presented by Michel Gonneville, consisted of the trampoline and piano with technical touches of a “Fall” and “Anti-Fall”. Sonic and visual connection that generally occurs between the performer and the cello was explored in “Beneath the Skin” with music and video aptly arranged by Pritchard.

“Sound Extensions” has been applauded for its remarkable performances reflected by the interactive electronics, videos, movements and above all, the music.

Tue Sep 19, 2006