Peace it Together

A Critical Junction: New Directions in Peace Building

Wed Feb 27 2013 7pm
Royal Bank Cinema

Presented by Peace it Together

You are invited to hear four prominent peace builders from Palestine and Israel discuss their unique stories and experiences, and respond to such key questions as:

Are dialogue programs all talk, no action? What impact can people-to-people programs really have? Can joint projects inspire political action? Do joint projects normalize a situation that is anything but normal? Do cross-border projects benefit one side more than the other? What will peace actually look like?

Speakers will include:

Sulaiman Khatib – Co-founder of Combatants for Peace, People’s Peace Fund
Ruti Atsmon – Co-founder and director of Windows Channels for Communication
Mahmoud Jabari – Participant, Peace it Together, Seeds of Peace
Yael Tsabari – Co-coordinator of the Gemini program at Sadaka Reut

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Wed Feb 27 2013 7pm
Royal Bank Cinema