Vancouver Recital Society

Christian Gerhaher and Gerold Huber

Sun Sep 28 2014 3pm
Chan Shun Concert Hall

“The German baritone Christian Gerhaher is one of my musical gods, and his recent Wigmore Hall recitals have been nothing short of sublime.” – The Telegraph

Vancouver music lovers lucky enough to have heard Christian Gerhaher in his Vancouver debut with András Schiff in 2012 will immediately understand why he has been re-engaged. This remarkable baritone is widely celebrated for the sincerity and glorious naturalness of his singing, which holds emotional truth and intellectual rigour in perfect balance.

He and his recital partner, Gerold Huber, have made several award-winning recordings together.


BEETHOVEN: To the distant beloved

SCHOENBERG: The book of the Hanging Gardens

And other songs by Beethoven, Haydn, and Berg

Concert sponsor: Elaine Adair

Sun Sep 28 2014 3pm
Chan Shun Concert Hall