Wednesday Noon Hours

The Giving Shapes

Wed Feb 08 2023 12pm
Barnett Hall
Elisa Thorn, harp/vocals and Robyn Jacob, piano/vocals

The Giving Shapes is a collaborative project between UBC Music Alumni Elisa Thorn (BMus ’11), harp/vocals and Robyn Jacob (BMus ’11) piano/vocals. Their project triangulates aspects of new music, creative music, and song-writing, combining their classical training and their involvement with the Canadian creative and indie music scenes. Their sound reflects broad influences from artists including Nico Muhly, Bjork, Jonny Greenwood, David Lang, and Caroline Shaw.

“The duo’s sincere yet polished, cool yet warm, celestial yet humane approach towards sounds is integrated into a single intimate world of music with everything impeccably balanced. Thorn’s and Jacob’s ethereal voices convey subtle emotions, gently unfolding the narrative of their personal world into a unique space where the acoustic beauty of classical music and the accessibility of pop music humbly entwine around each other.”

– Yuko Zama, Elsewhere Music


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The Giving Shapes perform Tessellation below.

Wed Feb 8 2023 12pm
Barnett Hall