Chan Centre Connects

How the Arts Support Societies in Civil Conflict

Mon Nov 08 2010 7:30pm
Royal Bank Cinema

Presented by the Chan Centre

The arts have transformative powers on humanity. In an era when the arts are facing a value-crisis in the West, this discussion will travel to Uganda, Mexico, and the Middle East to look at how the arts are being used to build peace, resolve conflict, and heal people in areas affected by civil conflict. UBC Collaborative Piano Professor Rena Sharon will facilitate a panel of experts, researchers, and artists who will discuss their work with the transformative powers of storytelling, music, dance, and film.

The evening will feature presentations by Michelle LeBaron (Director of the UBC Program on Dispute Resolution), Dr. Erin Baines (Liu Institute for Global Issues) with colleagues Lara Rosenoff and Juliane Okot Bitek, and Reena Lazar (Executive Director of Peace It Together). As well, Rena Sharon will engage Mexican singer Lila Downs in a discussion about her experiences as an artist and activist with roots in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Mon Nov 8 2010 7:30pm
Royal Bank Cinema