In Conversation with: Marina Thibeault

Moderated by Denise Ball

Chan Centre Connects

In Conversation with: Marina Thibeault

Fri Apr 09 2021 8pm

Presented by the Chan Centre


Marina Thibeault performs a new concert for solo viola as part of the 2021 Dot Com Series, featuring the work of composers Ana Sokolović, Melody McKiver, and Dorothy Chang.  In this artist talk, Thibeault, Sokolović, and Chang discuss their musical collaboration with music producer and broadcaster Denise Ball.


"I think the music for me comes alive once I can play it for the composer."
Marina Thibeault
"Of course, we need composers. We need performers. But we need audience. So I call it the sense of trinity. You know, without one of these three, we cannot have music."
Ana Sokolović

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Fri Apr 9 2021 8pm