University of British Columbia

Pacific Dialogue at UBC – Building Peace in the Middle East

Sat Jan 08 2011 7:30pm
Chan Shun Concert Hall

Co-presented by the University of British Columbia and Peace it Together

Featured presenters Dr. Gershon Baskin and Dr. Sami Adwan will talk about their personal stories, and work for peace in the Middle East. Peace it Together Executive Director Reena Lazar will announce the summer 2011 film project at UBC to include 10 Palestinian, 10 Israeli and 10 Canadian university students.

Dr. Sami Adwan is Professor of Education and Co-Director of the Peace Research Institute in the Middle East (PRIME)

Dr. Gershon Baskin is the Co-Director and founder of the Israel/Palestine Centre for Research and Information (IPCRI)

Reena Lazar is Executive Director of Peace it Together Society

Stephen Owen is UBC’s Vice President of External, Legal and Community Relations

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Sat Jan 8 2011 7:30pm
Chan Shun Concert Hall