Vancouver Chamber Choir

Requiem for Peace – Reflections of Hiroshima

Sat Nov 19 2011 8pm
Chan Shun Concert Hall

Presented by the Vancouver Chamber Choir in partnership with the Chan Centre

Vancouver Chamber Choir
Vancouver Chamber Ensemble
Jon Washburn, conductor

Jon Washburn leads the Choir, soloists and ensemble in the new chamber version of Vancouver composer Larry Nickel’s inspiring “Requiem for Peace.”

This event is presented in cooperation with the UBC Museum of Anthropology’s powerfully moving exhibition “Hiroshima” by Miyako Ishiuchi, which features 52 of her photographs of clothing and personal items belonging to victims at Hiroshima.

Ishiuchi writes, “The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum houses over 19,000 personal effects left behind by those who perished in the bomb. From those, I chose to photograph selected objects that had directly touched their bodies. Most humans are rarely granted a lifetime spanning one century. These objects are afforded a much longer existence, beyond our lifetimes, into worlds beyond. They will survive to testify to a profound trauma, one which will never belong to the past.”

An evening of inspiring music and poetry in 11 languages.

Learn more about this piece and composer Larry Nickel here.

Larry Nickel – Requiem for Peace

The movements are:
Fratres in Unum – Psalm 133
Requiem aeternam – Roman liturgy
Long Black Arm – Wilfred Owen
Ahni Shalom – Psalm 120
Bani Adam – Sa’adi Shirazi
Walida rifqu – Ahmad Shawqi
Kyrie Eleison – Roman liturgy
Bêtise de la Guerre – Victor Hugo
Bing Che Xing – Dao Fu
Dvadtsat vosyem shtykovykh – Anna Akhmatova
Bugles Sang – Wilfred Owen
Hiroshima Lacrimosa – Toge Sankichi
Dulce et decorum – Wilfred Owen
Kinderen van de vrede – Menno Simons
Wehrlos und verlassen – Carl Röhl
Reconciliation – Walt Whitman
Agnus Dei – Roman liturgy

Sat Nov 19 2011 8pm
Chan Shun Concert Hall