Roots and Shoots: Village Tales Performance

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Roots and Shoots: Village Tales Performance
Roots and Shoots: Village Tales Workshop
Roots and Shoots

Roots and Shoots: Village Tales

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Presented by the Chan Centre as part of the Roots and Shoots Music Education Program & Asian Heritage Month


Join Silk Road Music on a beautifully vivid journey through the many facets of traditional Chinese music and dance. Meet the ancient 5,000 year old instrument that’s considered to be the grandparent of the accordion and harmonica, dance along to a lively tune, and discover what a horse race and a conversation between birds can sound like when imaginatively translated into music.


This special digital presentation includes both a performance and accompanying workshop that introduces the instruments. Featuring Qiu Xia He on pipa and vocals, Zhi Ming Yu on ruan, Yun Song on erhu, Zhong Xi Wu on suona and sheng, and Andre Thibault on guitar, lute and percussion.


The Roots and Shoots Music Education Program is produced annually as a resource for Vancouver area schools, and is supported by the Government of Canada, the Chan Endowment Fund at UBC, the Vancouver School Board, and the Chan Family Foundation.



Happiness! 喜洋洋   | Traditional

Three and Six 三六   | Traditional

Xin Jiang Dance 新疆舞  | Traditional

Dawuer’s Spring  乌尔春天  | Arranged by Fu Tang

Horse Race 賽馬  | Haihuai Huang

Feng Yang Flower Drum Song 鳳陽花鼓 | Traditional

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