UBC School of Music

UBC Opera: Shadow Catch

Sat Mar 12 2022 7:30pm
Old Auditorium
Sun Mar 13 2022 2pm
Old Auditorium


Dorothy Chang, Benton Roark, Jennifer Butler, Farshid Samandari | Composers
Daphne Marlatt | Librettist

UBC Opera Ensemble
Jonathan Girard | Conductor
Nancy Hermiston | Director
Orchestral Soloists

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Shadow Catch recounts the dreams of a young runaway, newly arrived in Vancouver. As the night progresses, he is visited in turn by the spirits of four troubled souls who once inhabited the area: the spirit of an old maple tree whose grove was decimated by loggers, a member of the brilliant Asahi baseball team whose players were sent off to Japanese internment camps, the Madame of a 1920s brothel who is haunted by her tragic past and the murder of one of her young girls, and a roughneck policeman from the 1930s who fell to corruption. This is a story not only about characters from Vancouver’s historical and cultural background, but about the journey and transformation that must take place in order to confront one’s greatest fears and regrets. 

Description adapted from http://shadowcatch.blogspot.com 

Shadow Catch: slideshow (link below)

Students from Modern European Studies at the Department of Central, Eastern, and Northern European Studies and the UBC Witnessing Auschwitz seminar; put together a slide show to further explore the themes of Shadow Catch.

Thank you to: Lisa Rutloh, Nina Weng, Puloma Kaushal, Macy Richards, Dr. Carlos Halaburda, and Charlotte Gibbs; And Dr. Tricia Logan, Susan Atkey, Professor Nancy Hermiston, and Dr. Bozena Karwowska; With support from Demi London and the Gallery Gachet for their great work and support for this important project.


Shadow Catch Recordings

We are thrilled to be able to offer the recording of each performances of Shadow Catch below, after the performances, until March 28th.

Sat Mar 12 2022 7:30pm
Old Auditorium
Sun Mar 13 2022 2pm
Old Auditorium