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Silk Road Music

Wed Sep 29 2021 12pm
Chan Shun Concert Hall

Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Chinese music with Silk Road Music
丝绸之路音乐团, a JUNO-nominated and West Coast Music Award-winning ensemble based in Vancouver that bridges classical Chinese music with practices of the 21st century. This concert will introduce a variety of Chinese musical styles ranging from classical to folk music, including a song with Tang poetry spanning a thousand years of history.

Qiu Xia He pipa & vocals
Yun Song erhu
Zhi Min Yu ruan
Zhong Xi Wu suona, bili & sheng
Min Lin guqin
André Thibault percussion



喜洋洋 Xi Yang Yang

安樂鹽 An Yue Yan
Peace Song

平湖秋月 Ping Hu Qiu Yue
Autumn Moonlight on the Ping Lake

欸乃 Ai Nai
Fishing Song

三六 San Liu
Three and Six

良霄 Liang Xiao
New Year’s Eve

陽春古曲 Yang Chun Gu Qu
Snowflakes in the Early Spring

陽關三疊 Yan Guan San Die
Farewell at Yang Guan in Three Stanzas

賽馬 Sai Ma
Horse Race

百鳥朝鳳 Bai Niao Chao Feng
Hundred Birds and Phoenix

鳳陽花鼓 Feng Yang Hua Gu
Feng Yang Flower Drum Song

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Wed Sep 29 2021 12pm
Chan Shun Concert Hall