MusicFest Vancouver

Swingle Singers: Classic Reinventions

Sat Aug 06 2011 7:30pm
Chan Shun Concert Hall

Presented by MusicFest Vancouver in partnership with the Chan Centre

Vancouver audiences are in for a treat when the international a cappella phenomenon, the Swingle Singers, take to the stage of the Chan Centre!

For over four decades the unmistakable sound of “Swingle singing” has defined the art form: virtuosic vocal agility and blend demonstrated by their signature close-microphone technique, combined with high-level entertainment that has thrilled audiences around the globe. These high-energy entertainers have released over 50 recordings and have won five Grammy Awards.

While membership in the group has changed, the sound remains unmistakably “Swingle”, the same sound which caught the world’s attention all those years ago. Classic Reinventions includes everything from Bach to Debussy, Beatles, and Joni Mitchell. Be prepared to be amazed, because these are not your parents’ Swingle Singers!

“Only after the 3rd encore was the cheering and foot stamping crowd satisfied”
Dienstag, Germany

Sat Aug 6 2011 7:30pm
Chan Shun Concert Hall