Don't Take the Skytrain! (Isaac Zee)

Thunderbird Brass

Don't Take the Skytrain! (Isaac Zee)
Danza Hispana (Leif Jack)
Play with Accent (Huiming Wang)
Pepper (Leslie Opatril)
The Steps I Didn't Take (Mariah J.E. Mennie)
Fanfare on We Shall Overcome (Walker Williams)
Brazil (Greg Andersen)
Fanfare to the Night (Edward Herring)
Resilience (Maggie Lu)
The Seabirds of Saint-Servan (Ben Ledochowski)
Se va enredando, enredando (Pallas Loredo)
Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

UBC Music Fanfares

UBC student compositions performed by Thunderbird Brass, commissioned by the Chan Centre.