Qianyun Music School

Vancouver Guzheng Recital

Sun May 05 2024 2pm
Roy Barnett Recital Hall
Step into a mesmerizing realm of musical richness and artistic fusion with our upcoming Guzheng Concert performance—a showcase that transcends traditional boundaries through creative collaborations seamlessly blending with modern influences. The Guzheng, a Chinese traditional instrument with 2500 years history, resonates with the echoes of history, and its melodies tell tales of bygone eras. Experience the seamless interplay of Guzheng, Cello, and Piano, as their ethereal sounds and enchanting notes intertwine in harmonious melodies. Beyond the auditory experience, our concert is a multi-sensory journey that integrates Visual Arts into the performance. Through the collective efforts of the performers and youth performers, we aspire to transport the audience to a place where music becomes more than music itself. Join us at 14:00 – 17: 30 pm on May 5th, 2024, for an evening of enchantment, where every note tells a story, and every chord resonates with each of us
Sun May 5 2024 2pm
Roy Barnett Recital Hall