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Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra (VICO)

Wed Oct 19 2022 12pm
Barnett Hall

While building bridges of imagination, Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra (VICO) approaches musical diversity as a fascinating challenge and a creative call to action. They create and perform music that transcends borders and breaks down barriers, inspiring a pathway for integrating non-Western traditional instruments, sounds and techniques into contemporary Canadian classical music.

The VICO brings together musicians and composers from many cultural and artistic communities in the Greater Vancouver area, including Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Indian, Persian (Iranian), Latin and South American, Vietnamese, African, North American and European. The ensemble includes Western strings and winds (violin, viola, cello, contrabass, oboe, flute, clarinet) alongside Chinese erhu, sanxian, zheng, and sheng/suona; Persian kamanche, tar/setar, and tombak; Vietnamese dan bau; percussion from many world music traditions; and a variety of other instruments.

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Image by Barbara Sudbrack

Below VICO performs Hommage à Hafiz by Leslie Uyeda
Janna Sailor, conducting
Mark Takeshi McGregor, flute





Wed Oct 19 2022 12pm
Barnett Hall