Western Front

VOICE OVER mind Festival

Wed May 05 2010 7pm
Women’s Washroom
Wed May 05 2010 9pm
Women’s Washroom

Presented by Western Front New Music in partnership with the Chan Centre

Leif Ambrosia Hall
Voxy & Roundhouse Senior’s Choir

VOICE OVER mind is a new biennial festival, debuting in May 2010, which responds to audiencesʼ growing appetite for unusual singers and extreme vocalists.

Idiolalla, two of Canada’s most adventuresome vocalists, Christine Duncan and DB Boyko impart secrets and lore about public washrooms in the Chan Centre women’s powder room.

Stall is a newly commissioned work by Victoria composer Christopher Butterfield who understands the gestalt of the voice from classical leanings to pure timbral explorations of sound poetry, cut with an outlandish wit.

Utilizing cockamamie spoken word “rizzms”, humorous Gregorian-like chant and a barrage of cut-up text, the piece examines the more subtle aspects of this ubiquitous location.

Other projects for the evening include Lief Ambrosia Hall from the indie-improv scene performing disturbingly quiet utterances. Duncan and Boyko also conduct Voxy and Roundhouse Seniors’ Choir, rolling out an unusual repertoire of minimalist improvised rounds and a vocal transcription of a work by Vancouver’s shakuhachi virtuoso Takeo Yamashiro.

Book early as seating is extremely limited.

Wed May 5 2010 7pm
Women’s Washroom
Wed May 5 2010 9pm
Women’s Washroom