Roots & Shoots World Music Education Program

The Roots and Shoots Program is a music education outreach program run by the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts for under-resourced Vancouver area elementary schools.

The program engages up to six schools each year, offering a world music concert held in the Chan Centre as well as six hours of workshops held in each school. To encourage a sense of community, the entire selected school is invited to the Chan Centre to attend the concert.

Many of the concerts in the Roots & Shoots program are opened by a youth group to help show the students the progression from music student to professional musician, and to help them relate to the performance and be inspired. It is also a great opportunity for young Vancouver artists to showcase their talent on the prestigious Chan Centre stage.

Some of the artists who have previously participated in the program include: Masabo, Kokoma African Heritage Ensemble, Dancers of Damelahamid, Cheondoong, Uzume Taiko, Orchid Ensemble, Gamelan Gita Asmara, and Ache Brasil.




Questions about Roots & Shoots? Please contact:

Wendy Atkinson
Programming & Rentals Manager
604 822 2283

How can your school become involved?

The Roots and Shoots program is offered at no charge to participating schools. It is funded by the Chan Endowment Fund of the University of British Columbia, the Vancouver School Board, and private donors.

If you are a teacher/administrator at a Vancouver-area elementary school or an artist interested in participating in Roots and Shoots or if you are interested in making a financial donation to the program, please contact Wendy Atkinson at 604-822-2283 or