re:Naissance Opera

Eurydice: Live From The Underworld

Sat Nov 06 2021 5:30pm
Telus Studio Theatre

Presented by: re:Naissance Opera

Welcome to the mortal realm.

As the dynasty of Calliope comes to an end, all mortals are called to choose who the realm will pay homage to next. Will it be Cerberus, demon hound of the underworld or Clio, lyric muse of history?

Listen carefully to the tales they spin about the realm of Muses and Daemons and why the nymph Eurydice has been locked inside a willow tree.

Make your choice in this interactive live stream featuring mythological avatars and worlds brought to life by CGI, motion capture & live dancers and singers.

Sat Nov 6 2021 5:30pm
Telus Studio Theatre

In 2018 a team of digital and opera artists came together to ask “what would opera look like if it were invented today?”. From that initial question came OrpheusVR, an interactive, choose-your-own-adventure, virtual-reality opera. After completing a prototype in 2021, the OrpheusVR team started working in the digital live stream space, using real time motion capture technology and computer avatars to create live, interactive operatic performances that can be streamed from any device.

Created by: Debi Wong, Neel Nair, Conrad Sly, Brian Topp, Omari Newton, Stephanie Wong, Dorothy Yang, Mireille Asselin, Erika Mitsuhashi, Parmela Attariwala, Emma Parkinson.

This event is made possible by support from: Reallusion, The Government of Canada, The Chan Centre, Canada Council For The Arts, The BC Arts Council, The Province of British Columbia.