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  • Spotlight on: Shane Koyczan

Spotlight on: Shane Koyczan

A brand new work from spoken word artist Shane Koyczan premieres on Friday, March 12 at 7pm PST in our Chan Centre Dot Com Series, with a pre-show artist talk with Shane at 6:15pm. We hope you can join us!

"You built a cast around your broken heart and signed it yourself. You signed it, 'THEY WERE WRONG.'"

Shane Koyczan, To This Day


Today (February 24) is Anti-Bullying Day in Canada. Re-watch Shane’s soul-laid-bare and anti-bullying video To This Day, which was turned into a TED talk and continues to be shared with young people in classrooms around the worldPlus, read a selection of monthly poems from the artist, and hear a recent episode of CBC’s The Debaters where he joins comedian Charlie Demers to discuss why everyone should love spoken word.

"I concede that poetry will always have a place on the page. In books, printed on paper, which are a cause of deforestation. I'm not saying that printed word hates the environment, I'm only saying that for every bestseller you enjoy it has cost the lives of hundreds, nay thousands of trees!"

Shane Koyczan on the merits of spoken word

Tickets for Shane Koyczan are available now! Don’t miss out on this special performance.

Wed Feb 24, 2021