Rental Steps & FAQ

STEP ONE – Choose your Venue


STEP TWO – Inquire

  • You may contact Janice Lew at 604-822-6472 or for questions about renting the Chan Centre. You can also fill out the booking form and describe your event with as many details as possible, including desired date(s) and any special requirements. You will receive a reply from our rentals department within 24 hours about your inquiry.


STEP THREE – Confirm your Event

  • A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm an event. You will need to submit a booking form as well, and a rental contract will be prepared based on the information provided on the form. The contract will include the non-refundable deposit amount which must be paid before the event can be announced, advertised, publicized or promoted.
  • Upon request, a rental event estimate can be provided. If this is your first time renting the Chan Centre, it is strongly recommended that you make this request to help determine whether the Chan Centre fits your budget. A consultation meeting may be arranged to help with this process.


STEP FOUR – Ticket your Event

  • Tickets will only be printed, distributed and/or made available for sale if the deposit has been paid and the contract has been signed. For ticketing inquiries contact Trevor Mangion at 604-822-2695 or


STEP FIVE –Plan your Event

  • The Chan Centre operations team works with you to coordinate all your event details including your ticketing, front of house, reception and production requirements. It is at this stage your rental deposit must be paid and rental contract signed, if you haven’t already done so. For production inquiries contact David Humphrey at 604-827-2742 or and for front of house inquires contact Carl Armstrong at 604-822-2188 or An event estimate will be provided if there are significant extra costs or if you request one.


STEP SIX – Event Requirements

  • A certificate of insurance is due 30 days before your event. Fourteen days before your event, the rental balance, and if applicable, a deposit towards technical and/or concessions expenses is due. Any required deposit will be based on the event estimate you have received.


STEP SEVEN – Final Event Settlement

  • At the conclusion of your event, a final settlement will be sent that details all ticket revenue (if applicable) and expenses. If the Chan Centre is holding any ticket revenue, a cheque will be remitted to the Licensee of the contract. Any balance owing will be deducted from the ticket revenue (if applicable) or paid within seven days of receiving the invoice.

Rental questions? Please contact:

Janice Lew
Rentals and Programming Assistant
604 822 6472


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